Author Topic: BBH#7 How Small Businesses Approach Blockchain Adoption - Francis Hutley  (Read 1548 times)

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Even though blockchain technology is still in the growing stage, up to $22 billion worth of ICO was raised in 2018 to fund blockchain-based companies. While some businesses are in testing and research phase, some others have successfully adopted the technology into its core businesses. In Blockchain Beyond Hype episode 7, we met Francis Hutley, the Co-Founder of BlockSmart, to find out how small businesses approach blockchain adoption.

Read the full interview here:

BBH Guest
- Francis Hutley, Co-Founder at BlockSmart
As the Co-Founder of BlockSmart, Francis is simplifying blockchain for small and medium enterprises. His background as a social scientist, part of global venture-builder, Rocket Internet, and a top venture-backed blockchain startup in Hong Kong made him as a brilliant solution architect. Last but not least, he holds a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship from Cass Business School in London and runs the Eton College Blockchain Association.
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Re: BBH#7 How Small Businesses Approach Blockchain Adoption - Francis Hutley
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rock on Francis !!