Author Topic: BBH#19 Using Blockchain in Digital Media Industry - Emil Sterndorff  (Read 1702 times)

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Join us for another Blockchain Beyond Hype episode where we interview Emil Sterndorff, Founder & CEO of Altcoin Magazine. We explore the unique challenges the digital media industry faces today and how blockchains can help. You’ll learn how blockchains can be used to cut out intermediaries, ways to improve monetization strategies for content creators, and how improving the incentives leads to better content overall. Centralized platforms such as Medium and YouTube have become very popular. However, blockchain-based startups are exploring new ways to distribute, defend, and monetize digital media. If content creators can earn more money in less time, we can anticipate the incumbent content platforms being disrupted in a big way.
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BBH Guest
- Emil Sterndorff, Founder & CEO of Altcoin Magazine
As Founder and CEO of Altcoin Magazine, he is on a mission to educate the world on new technological advancements primarily in the financial sector. Emil believes that disruption is heavily needed within the industries of finances and asset management with the use of blockchain. More than 350 people are currently contributing to the creation of this magazine.
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