Author Topic: BBH#14 Limitation & Scaling Solutions of Blockchain Technology - Barton Johnston  (Read 1023 times)

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Blockchain Beyond Hype is back, this time with Blockchain Zoo co-founder and CTO Barton Johnston, to discuss blockchain technology and how to scale it. We cover a range of issues in this episode, but the focus is on scale. What are the challenges to scaling blockchain technology and how can they be overcome? The key is to get blockchain to a stage where it can handle thousands, or even millions, of transactions per second - which is not the case now. A big part of achieving scale with blockchain is the skills of developers and engineers working on the technology. As Barton points out, it’s still nascent, and many people working on it are still in the learning phase - and it’s a big challenge. The key is education, continuing to build new solutions, and thinking outside the box.

Enjoy the discussion!

Read the full interview here:

BBH Guest
- Barton Johnston, Co-founder and CTO of Blockchain Zoo
Barton has extensive programming and engineering experience in several languages and across a range of industries. Now, his focus on Blockchain technology - specifically the underlying infrastructure. Barton works on the structures of various types of decentralized consensus protocols, hashing and asymmetric encryption algorithms, and analysis and applications of new blockchain and crypto technologies such as Maid Safe, IOTA, and NXT.
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