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Martin de Borst is a blockchain expert and a co-founder of fintech startup Younder. On this episode of Blockchain Beyond Hype, we sat down with him to discuss a range of issues - from blockchain in the education space, to fintech and early adoption, to the act of educating oneself on a technology - like Blockchain - that is still emerging and being developed. Martin, like many Blockchain experts, is largely self-taught. He read voraciously, watched countless videos, took online courses, and more, to teach himself the ins and outs of Blockchain and how it works - and can work - to solve problems in the business world and society more generally. One of Martin’s most important lessons shared is the importance of practical knowledge. There are limits to classroom education - especially in fields that are just a few years old. There are no formal courses, few professors with proficiency, and just a general lack of institutional knowledge. The answer? Get out there and just do it.

Read the full interview here:

BBH Guest
- Maarten de Borst, Research Consultant & Co-founder of Younder
Maarten is currently writing a book about hands-on experience of tech experts in the blockchain. He spent the first five years of his career working in banking and financial industries and the next five years on advising companies on FinTech. One group of his clients in the EU are Educational institutions that would like to get more agile and adjust to exponentially growing changes in technologies. The book he is writing will be used as a handbook for students in the Netherlands.

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