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Roberto Capodieci: The IT Prodigy

Started by Neve, May 26, 2020, 11:29:30 AM

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Explore the mind and motivations of the founder and CEO of Blockchain Zoo, Roberto Capodieci. He discovered his passion for IT at the tender age of 6 when, with the help of his father, he started to study computer programming. By 10, he had developed and sold his first video game. Four years later, he began what would become a career of entrepreneurship when, authorized by Italy's court for minors, he opened his first IT company.

Roberto moved to Asia a decade ago, and has become a Blockchain expert, an associate of the Nxt Foundation, and the first to apply Blockchain technology to supply chain management and trade finance. He is committed to sharing his knowledge and experience, and regularly speaks at conferences, technology discussions, and gives seminars on Blockchain technology and its applications. Roberto is also a specialist in lawful interception systems and big data analysis, and serves as a consultant to law enforcement agencies.