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ZooBC Explained: How Receipts in ZooBC Work

Started by Neve, April 23, 2020, 11:38:23 AM

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ZooBC Explained: How Receipts in ZooBC Work

In order to prove that ZooBC nodes are doing useful work for the blockchain, the nodes send receipts of their work to each other. ‌The ‌‌receipt ‌‌is ‌‌a ‌claim‌‌ that‌‌ a‌‌ particular ‌‌piece‌ of‌ data‌ was‌ transmitted‌ between‌ those ‌nodes‌ at ‌that ‌time.‌ In this video, we explain:
- How a receipt mechanism in ZooBC works
- How receipts are produced and collected
- How pruning and proving of old receipts work

Learn more about the receipt mechanism in the ZooBC White Paper: https://bcz.bz/WP-latest