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ZooBC Update: Wallet Features & Node Registration

Started by Neve, April 23, 2020, 12:50:49 PM

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ZooBC Update: Wallet Features & Node Registration

Our Technical Associate, Putu Kusuma, updates you on the status of the ZooBC wallet, and what features have been implemented in it so far. To users that want to run the ZooBC node, he explains what version of the wallet to use to register the node.

ZooBC is a global, open-source blockchain platform and community providing developers with tools for building decentralized applications. Created by Blockchain Zoo, the platform brings decentralization to new generations by advancing the blockchain technology.

Go to this page http://bit.ly/ZooBCalpha and:
- Check out the white paper
- Register your wallet
- Join our Telegram group for test coins
- And send us your feedback!

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