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BlockTalk #4 Is Libra Really Built on Blockchain?


In the new episode of BlockTalks, we're bringing a discussion between the #Blockchain experts about the technology behind Facebook's #Libra cryptocurrency.

Roberto Capodieci is founder and CEO of the Blockchain Zoo Association, and a renowned expert on Blockchain technology. He started programming when he was just 6 years old, sold his first video game when he was 10, and opened his first IT company when was 14. He is a first-mover in the Blockchain sector, a prodigious speaker, and was the first to apply the tech to supply chain management and trade finance.

Barton Johnston, co-founder and CTO of Blockchain Zoo, has extensive programming and engineering experience in several languages and across a range of industries. Now, his focus on Blockchain technology - specifically the underlying infrastructure. Barton works on the structures of various types of decentralized consensus protocols, hashing and asymmetric encryption algorithms, and analysis and applications of new blockchain and crypto technologies such as Maid Safe, IOTA, and NXT.

Jean-Daniel Gauthier, co-founder of Blockchain Zoo, has been working in IT since the age of 15, with experience as a business analyst, solutions engineer, and in R&D, in a range of sectors. He co-founded two award-winning Blockchain-based startups that developed successful proofs-of-concept for major international trade finance and banking stakeholders. As a trainer, his aim is to transform raw ideas into applicable concepts, and empower individuals and companies to stay up-to-date, future proof, and sustainable.


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