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BlockTalk #2 Decentralized Applications and Their Adoption on Blockchain


Touted as a game changer, blockchain offers transparency, security, and immutability of transactions. So, what is the status of the blockchain right now? We talked with Melissa Loh and Stephen DeMeulenaere about the mass adoption of the blockchain technology and the decentralized applications.

Read more about the dapps and the mass adoption of blockchain here:

BlockTalk is a meet-up series of blockchain experts, thinkers, enthusiasts, and friends invited by Blockchain Zoo from all across the globe to exchange ideas, discuss current and future technology trends and introduce projects within the blockchain ecosystem.


- Melissa Loh, Co-Founder at 1Unit
Melissa is an entrepreneur, business and leadership coach, consultant and project manager. She believes that business can be one of the fastest vehicles for positive change in the world, hence her interest in blockchain technology projects and the active participation in cryptocurrency and blockchain communities. She bridges ideas, cultures, and resources between Asia and the US, as she operates in Singapore, lives in Bali, and regularly visits San Fransisco and Los Angeles. She leads and supports startups and established organizations that aim for triple bottom line impact - people, planet, profits.

- Stephen DeMeulenaere, Asia Region Leader at Qoin Foundation
With over 25 years of experience with the digitalization of businesses, Stephen spent the last 8 years on designing and implementing cryptographically secured smart city currencies as Asia Region Leader at Qoin Foundation. He has been involved in a long list of blockchain-related projects. To mention some, he was an advisor to Ripple in their early beginnings, became Certified Digital Currency Professional with the Digital Currency Council, paid reviewer of "Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies" for the Princeton University Press, and organizer of the first and largest Blockchain technology event at the United Nations in Geneva.


- Roberto Capodieci, Founder at Blockchain Zoo
In the formative years of the Internet, Roberto expanded his business reach into the online world and quickly found his company’ services in high demand. Roberto, specialized in lawful interception systems and big data analysis, is also a consultant to law enforcement agencies. He is a renowned Blockchain expert, an associate of the Nxt Foundation and the first to apply blockchain technology to supply chain and trade finance.

- Jean-Daniel Gauthier, Co-founder at Blockchain Zoo
Danny started working in IT at age 15, and since then have explored the industry from the bottom-up, gathering a comprehensive technical and business related experience. Working as a business analyst, in R&D, and in solutions engineering, Danny has been inspired to continue to research viable applications for current and nascent technologies, and translate user requirements into developer-friendly documentation.


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