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BlockTalk #1 Blockchain for Identity Authentication


In the first episode of our BlockTalk series, we talked with David Moskowitz from Indorse about blockchain solutions for authentication of diplomas and certifications. We also discussed the current state of the blockchain recruitment market with Raman Shalupau from Crypto Jobs List. Authentication of digital identity is just one of many blockchain use cases, we’re bringing more examples of how blockchain can be used in different verticals in the next episodes.

Read more about the non-financial use cases for the blockchain technology here:

BlockTalk is a meet-up series of blockchain experts, thinkers, enthusiasts, and friends invited by Blockchain Zoo from all across the globe to exchange ideas, discuss current and future technology trends and introduce projects within the blockchain ecosystem.


- David Moskowitz, Co-Founder at Indorse
David co-founded multiple blockchain-based companies such as Indorse and Attores. Before focusing on the blockchain, he was a systems integrator, helping SME’s set up subscription systems online (SaaS). He has 20 years of experience in product development, marketing, and sales.

- Raman Shalupau, Founder at Crypto Jobs List
Raman fell in love with computers and technology at the age of 14. He founded Crypto Jobs List, the #1 site to find and post blockchain jobs and became the CTO. Before Crypto Jobs List, he co-founded RSVPD.co, a platform to create, discover and RSVP to top events around you.


- Roberto Capodieci, Founder at Blockchain Zoo
In the formative years of the Internet, Roberto expanded his business reach into the online world and quickly found his company’ services in high demand. Roberto, specialized in lawful interception systems and big data analysis, is also a consultant to law enforcement agencies. He is a renowned Blockchain expert, an associate of the Nxt Foundation and the first to apply blockchain technology to supply chain and trade finance.

- Barton Johnston, Co-founder at Blockchain Zoo
Barton has maintained applications in ActionScript (Flash), Java, JavaScript, Python, C# and C++, from homemade mobile games to custom eyegaze-tracking software. In 2017 he began to focus his considerable programming and software engineering knowledge onto Blockchain technology and co-founded Blockchain Zoo.


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