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Register and Introduce yourself to access this boards!

Started by ZooBC, September 15, 2019, 12:44:56 PM

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  to access the technical discussion boards you need to register and introduce yourself. Here are the boards for Technical Discussions:

Core-General, Network, Blockchain, Data and Transactions, Signatures, Wallets and SDK, Tools.

After you get acquainted in the forum and contribute with a few posts, you will be able to access all the sub boards:

- Proof of participation
- Coinbase
- Consensus
- Fees model
- Node registration
- P2P (peer to peer)
- Snapshots
- Blocks backup
- Rollback
Data and Transactions
- Transactions formats and types
- Torrent Integration
- Datasets (was Accounts properties)
- ZooBC main Signature
- Multisignature
- Additional signatures types
Wallets and SDK
- Web Wallet
- Mobile Wallet
- Hardware wallets integration
- Browser plugin (Metamask inspired)
- SDK (Software Development Kit)
- Testing framework
- Installers
- Explorer server side with APIs
- Explorer UI
- Language files and Tech translations

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